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Frequently Asked Affiliate Questions

How much does it cost to become an All Inspired Affiliate? 
Becoming an All Inspired Affiliate is absolutely free! 

Are there any sales quotas that must be met?
There are absolutely no minimum quotas which must be met, however you must earn a minimum of $50 in commissions before you'll receive a payout.
Who can become an affiliate partner
Anyone who operates a legitimate web site or e-zine is eligible.  Also, anyone who has an established customer list and internet access can become an All Inspired Affiliate.  

All Inspired does not accept affiliates whose web site contains offensive, or illegal materials. We also reserve the right to reject any affiliate who promotes All Inspired products through SPAM.  
How does the affiliate program work?
You place a specially coded link in your e-mail message or on your web site.  When your referral clicks on the link and then purchases an All Inspired product (after visiting via the specially coded links provided), our system will securely process the transaction and keep track of your commissions. 
As an affiliate, you are not responsible for collecting payment, processing the transaction or even shipping the product.  All Inspired takes care of the entire transaction from start to finish.  You just refer your customers/clients to our product via your specially coded affiliate links and let All Inspired do the rest.
How much money can I make as an affiliate partner?
Each All Inspired Referral System sale that comes from your link will mean a minimum of $44.98 for you.  The more you sell, the more you earn.  

You'll earn money in two ways from your affiliate account!  First, you'll earn a whopping 30% from each Referral System you sell.  As a second way to earn impressive profits, when your referrals sign up to become All Inspired Affiliates themselves, you'll receive 10% from each sale from your sub-affiliate's efforts!  

We offer this promotional tool because we're confident that once you've put the All Inspired Referral System to work for your practice, you'll want to share this system with others!
How are commissions tracked?
Orders are tracked by placing a "cookie" on the visitor's PC upon visiting the All Inspired web site.  When the visitors you refer to our site make a purchase, our system automatically credits your account with your commission. 
How long does the cookie you placed on my customer's computer last?
The cookie is set to last for a full 12 months. This means if your referred visitor doesn't buy on his or her first visit, you'll still get credit if he or she makes a purchase any time during the coming year!  
When are commissions paid?
Commissions are paid on tn the 25th of every month. All Inspired will send you a check for the commissions you have accrued from the previous month that equal or exceed $50.00. (We've established this minimum so that you'll earn the absolute MOST commissions possible.)
Any accrued commissions under $50.00 will remain in your account until your balance reaches $50.00.  
How do I check my commission report???
Log In here to check your commissions. Our tracking software tracks your stats in real-time.
How do I know what's happening with my account?
You will receive instant order notices by email when someone purchases a product via your affiliate links.
When someone signs up as a sub-affiliate, you will receive instant notification by email.

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